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The CyberAlert Media Monitoring Dashboard stores all your clips forever and includes a full set of features to search, sort, annotate, share and manage your clips. It also includes a comprehensive set of media measurement charts and graphs. More Info »
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CyberAlert offers today's best all-in-one media monitoring solution: unequaled media coverage, extraordinarily accurate clipping, automated daily e-mail alerts and an online clip archive stores all your clips. Get measurement data on all clips and features customized to your exact needs — all at a low fixed monthly fee with no per-clip charges. It's today's most cost-efficient media monitoring solution to find and "clip" what's being said about your organization.

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Media Monitoring Services

Online News Monitoring

(CyberAlert 5.0) All the news you need to know in one easy-to-access place. Each day the CyberAlert 5.0 news monitoring service automatically searches for, clips and delivers all the news you want from up to 55,000+ online news sources in 250+ languages each day in 191 countries. You simply specify the key words or phrases you want to monitor. You receive a daily email alert of all new articles found each day with your key words. All your clips are also stored in a full-featured online database.
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Print Media Monitoring

(CyberAlert Print) Replicates the old-fashioned press clipping services, delivering the full text of every clipped news article from 25,000+ print sources worldwide, while adding the convenience, timeliness and online clip archives of digital media monitoring services.
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Broadcast News Monitoring

(CyberAlert TV) Captures the closed-caption text of news broadcasts and preview video on all national news networks & cable channels plus all local TV stations — and delivers you clips of all the stories that include key words you specify.

(CyberAlert Radio) Tracks more than 250 local and national radio stations in the top 50 U.S. markets and delivers daily text clips via email. CyberAlert's radio news monitoring service provides overnight results of your custom key words and phrases.
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Worldwide News Feed

(Omnibus News) Designed for use by media monitoring services, measurement/analysis services, and large PR agencies or corporations, the Omnibus worldwide news aggregation and news feed service continuously collects headlines and text of news content from 55,000+ online news sources in 250+ languages in 191 countries. The worldwide news feed delivers all the collected news articles throughout the day 24/7/365 via FTP in XML format. Every delivered article includes detailed meta-tags and measurement data. With about 1 million news articles delivered each day, the feed can be customized to meet client specifications for media sources, geography, industries, and topics.
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Executive News Briefing

(a.m. NewsBrief™) Made-to-order daily news digest for corporate executives contains only the stories that matter most to your organization, expertly edited and summarized by experienced journalists.
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Website News Service

(News-on-Your-Site) A quick, easy and inexpensive way to select, edit and display on your site current news and feature articles on subjects you select. You review and select the articles you want to display. You choose the size, shape and position of the news display box - and the fonts to be used.
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News Archive Search

(CyberAlert BackNews) Keyword search of up to 20 years of news archives. You simply specify what name or topic you want researched and what period of time you want to cover. We deliver a comprehensive set of the most pertinent articles on your topic — and we deliver it fast.
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Clip Archive

(CyberAlert Media Monitoring Dashboard) All the news clips you receive are stored in a password-protected online digital archive with full-featured dashboard functions to review, search, sort, share, analyze and manage your clips by multiple users.
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Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring social media is now at least as important as monitoring online news. Listening to online consumer conversations in social media networks yields key insights about how consumers perceive your company, brands, competitors and industry to help you develop new strategies and tactics for corporate reputation management, public relations, marketing, product development and customer service.

The all-in-one CyberAlert Social media monitoring service is today's most thorough, practical and cost-efficient social media tracking service, capturing vital information and consumer viewpoints that help you better understand what consumers are saying about your company, thereby helping you make timely decisions and manage more effectively.
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Social Media Monitoring Coverage

CyberAlert Social monitors about 25 million individual social media posts each day from a universe of 190+ million social media sources worldwide.

Here's what CyberAlert Social monitors for you automatically and thoroughly every day:

  • Blog Monitoring: BlogSquirrel monitors and searches most every recognized blog in the world in over 50 languages in 191 countries. Best estimate: 190+ million blogs.
  • Message Boards & Forums Monitoring: Netpinions monitors over 64,000 message boards and forums worldwide on most every possible subject with a special focus on commercial topics.
  • Usenet Newsgroup Monitoring: Netpinions also monitors 75,000+ usenet newsgroups and ousts the unsavory newsgroups.
  • Social Video Monitoring: CyberAlert VDO searches all new video posts on 200+ video sharing sites such as YouTube.
  • Twitter Monitoring: CyberAlert continuously monitors every single post and response in Twitter.
  • Facebook Monitoring: CyberAlert monitors all public posts in Facebook on a continuous basis.

By using CyberAlert Social media monitoring service to automatically search, monitor, "clip", store and manage the full range of social media content, you and your organization can build an effective "early warning system" to identify problems and issues that may threaten corporate or brand reputation… or present new opportunities for business growth.

Bottom Line Benefits:
Social Media Monitoring Service

  • Security of knowing you're on top of all issues affecting your company and brands.
  • Freedom from drudgery of searching social media sites each day.
  • Safety of having clips stored in cloud-based archive with easy access and efficient clip management.
  • Less costly than comparable services.

A Look into CyberAlert's Media Monitoring & Measurement Services

The 2015 PR Measurement Handbook
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Media Measurement & Analysis Services

Media Measurement & Analysis (ClipMetrics) Each CyberAlert news clip includes media measurement data on circulation and viewership. CyberAlert media monitoring clients have full access to the ClipMetrics media measurement and analysis software that provides all the tools you need to demonstrate the success of your programs by generating more than 25 different quantitative charts & graphs about the clips in your archive. It also provides the tools to do qualitative assessments of assessment of the tone, prominence, dominance, messages, spokespersons and more.
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